Curated stories to celebrate the freelancer spirit of empowerment.

Success is only limited by our freedom of choice. It is the freedom to make our own decisions. We are sharing
curated stories of people who participate in the gig economy that will motivate and celebrate the spirit of
empowerment and choices.

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Nisha Jaggi

Bowen Therapist

“I had my limitations as a homemaker as I was self-trained and with no professional experience. Being unemployed made me restless. And after much research and risk, I trained to be a freelance Bowen therapist.”


Wanitha Ashok

Fitness Professional

“Since the past 16 years, fitness has been my passion & hobby. It challenges my creativity, keeps me engaged and helps people get fit and healthy. I keep reinventing & upskilling myself because that’s what attracts clients.”


Simran Oberoi

HR Freelancer

“I am freelancing so I can continue to grow in my knowledge & experience. But, perception issues and bias against freelancers are some of the issues I still face. Delivering high performance is the way to counter these issues.”

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