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Success is only limited by our freedom of choice. It is the freedom to make our own decisions. We are sharing
curated stories of people who participate in the gig economy that will motivate and celebrate the spirit of
empowerment and choices.

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Good Work Good Life.


Shatrujeet Nath

Novelist | Script Writer

“The first two years were the hardest and I made
mistakes. Freelancing has been a slow, uphill grind, but I am finally making
the kind of money that keeps my family comfortable.”


Druv Kent

Independent Musician

“I gave up my banking career and joined the gig economy as an artist. It is hard work filled with
challenges, reckonings of who you are, deliberations of who you aspire to be. But it also has many feelings of joy and smiles of


Shalini Sahuta


“You need to put the best foot forward to be a
freelancer. You need to question yourself if you are giving your best and get a Yes each time.
If you don’t get a Yes, you need to push yourself harder.”

If you have joined the gig economy,
we would like to hear from you and be a part of your journey.