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Success is only limited by our freedom of choice. It is the freedom to make our own decisions. We are sharing
curated stories of people who participate in the gig economy that will motivate and celebrate the spirit of
empowerment and choices.

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Ivy & Simeran


“We didn’t just set out to launch a company, sell out and sail into the sunset in a yacht. We set out to leave a legacy and impact our consumers’ lives”


Preeti Sridhar

Food Blogger

“Today, I may not be working a regular nine-to-five job. Sometimes I have to work for 12-14 hours but never feel tired. My work keeps me young and when customers appreciate my product, it makes me work harder.”


Superna Yamuna Chopra

Ex-Corporate Employee | Life coach | Yoga Acharya

“I lived a life on the fast track for many years. But then I listened to my heart as it nudged me towards the unknown. What followed was a wonderful phase of self-discovery, and doors opened leading me to my life purpose.”

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