5 Tips to Support the Mental Wellbeing of Employees During COVID-19 Lockdown

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Posted 30-Jun -2020

5 Tips to Support the Mental Wellbeing of Employees During COVID-19 Lockdown: As various state governments are willing to reopen, the organizations and business leaders are working on their safety plan and procedure to bring employees back to the office. While giving careful thought to the seating arrangement, cafeteria configurations, elevator usage, visitor policies, and meeting settings, it’s equally important to consider the mental health and wellbeing of the employees.

Moreover, the global pandemic has given rise to many kinds of anxieties and fears among people, which need to be dealt with utmost care and consideration. Unfortunately, our emotional and psychological state always takes a back seat and discussing the same is never taken in a good spirit. But if we go by the various surveys and analysis, the COVID-19 crisis is taking a flabbergasting toll on people’s mental wellbeing.

Thus, in case you are planning to reopen the doors of your office, make sure to implement these five key indicators to support the mental health of your people during these disruptive times.

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Share Timely & Transparent Information

A majority of the employees are currently concerned about the future of the organization they work for and their role precisely. To help them stay positive and well-informed, sharing correct and timely information can do wonders.

Employers that are discussing the business performance and economical condition of the business during these tough times regularly are better prepared for difficult decisive conversations.

Promote Work-life Balance
The first step to achieving the mental wellbeing of your employees is to offer flexibility. The studies have shown that productivity increases when a person maintains a good balance between work and life. Let people work during their preferred timing so that they feel valued and motivated to give their 100 percent.

Connect with Motivational Speakers / Wellbeing Experts
Since now almost the entire workforce is working from home, it becomes difficult to manage and focus on every individual regularly. The best solution to this situation is to arrange a mindfulness session for your people with an expert.

Connect with Noble House to find a pool of ratified wellbeing experts and motivational coaches and plan a session for your employees.

Encourage Healthy Habits
A healthy lifestyle can lead a person to new heights in life, both professionally and personally. Encourage your people to follow a healthy diet, perform a regular exercise or go for a run to stay healthy and active.
Being a business leader, it’s also your responsibility to ensure the overall health of your employees and motivate them to make health and mental wellness a priority.

Give Employees Space they Need
Offering enough space to the employees so that they feel appreciated and important can help them talk about their concerns and problems more openly. Also, if the employers are solicitous of their employees’ needs, the workforce tends to work more effectively and willingly.

Focusing on the employees’ mental health and wellbeing is the key to achieving a happy working environment in the post-lockdown world.

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