How to Become a Successful Freelancer in India

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Posted 24-Sep -2020

Wondering how to transition from a full-time office job to a freelancing career in India? Especially when the global crisis has brought the world economy to its knees and forced everyone to rethink their future and the way we work. It’s said that the tough times bring the best out of people and that’s what you need to keep in mind while moving forward.

From becoming a freelancer to having a steady flow of income every month, there are many concerns associated with the career change. Here is the list of things we have included in this article to guide you at every step and motivate you to walk on this new path:

1. What is Freelancing?
2. How to Become a Freelancer?
3. What are the Skills Needed to Become a Freelancer?
4. What are the Types of Freelancing Jobs Globally?
5. What are the Pros and Cons of Freelancing?
6. What are the Most Popular Freelancing Jobs in the Business World?
7. How Much Do Freelancers Earn every month in India?

It is never easy to quit something you have been doing for a long time and start something completely new. But it is what you need to reshape your future and achieve your long-wished career goals. Not just that, but the transition from a full-time job to freelancing brings so many other benefits as well. Some of them are – work flexibility, more accountability, work-life balance, and adaptability. Let’s start this beginner’s guide to become a successful freelancer in India by answering all the above-mentioned queries, one at a time.


What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a term used for a process where a person can work with multiple clients or organizations by using his/her skills and experience without being hired as an employee for any of them. The number of projects that a person takes at a time completely depends on the ability of a freelancer and job requirements. The more the assignments, the better the cash flow.

There can be different scenarios in freelancing – for example, these are usually jobs (popularly known as gigs) that allow you to work from anywhere be it home or from a different country. But don’t equate freelancing as the same as doing a work-from-home job. There can be projects where you need to be available at the client’s office or site depending on the type of work and requirement. Whereas a work from home includes a contract between you and an employer who offers you a mutually-agreed pay-check.

How to Become a Freelancer?

Becoming a freelancer is the best decision for people who wish to maintain a nice balance between their personal and professional lives. Also, people who love travelling and going on vacations can conveniently take time out while working simultaneously. Here are five simple and key points to focus on to become a successful freelancer in Indian and anywhere else:

1.Build Your Personal Brand
2.Grow Your Network Both Online & Offline
3.Be Active on Social Media
4.Enhance Your Written & Verbal Communication Skills
5.Let People Know that you are Seeking Freelancing Opportunities through Social Posts, Direct Messages, Emails, etc.

What are the Skills Needed to Become a Freelancer?

Apart from the key skills required based on your work profile and the project requirements, there is some basic expertise needed to become a freelancer. These skills give an impression about you both as an individual and a working professional. For example – how do you take upon any freelancing assignment, how do you set your priorities or how do you keep your personal and professional life separate.

Following are the five top skills you need to begin your freelancing career:

1. Time Management Skills
2. Stress Management Skills
3. Strong Communication Skills
4. Sales & Negotiation Skills
5. Management & Business Skills

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What are the Types of Freelancing Jobs Globally?

Freelancing is also not of just one kind – there are various types of freelancing opportunities available in the business world. All you need to decide what works best for you and can bring you tons of options to boost your career and financial status. Here are they –

1. Full-time Freelancers: People who do not have any other source of income than freelancing are termed as full-time freelancers.
2. Side Hustlers: These people look out for freelancing projects while doing their regular 9-to-5 job. In case you want to do part-time freelancing, make sure that you check with your full-time employer first that whether it is legal or not as per the contract signed by you.
3. Contract-based Freelancers: Such people sign proper contact with a business that they will work on a given project for a definite period as mutually-agreed by both the parties.

What are the Pros and Cons of Freelancing?

To earn something good, you had to give up something too. Listed below are the pros and cons of freelancing in a tabular form:


Improved Work-life Balance
Better Flexibility & Adaptability
More Accountability & Ownership
Less Commute leads to a Healthier lifestyle.
You get paid as per the amount of Efforts and hard work you put in.


Lack of Job Stability
Irregular Flow of Income
Working on Deadlines is Crucial
Reduced Social Life & Outings
No More Entitled to Additional Perks and Benefits like Provident Fund, Health Insurance, Paid Holidays, and more

What are the Most Popular Freelancing Jobs in the Business World?

Freelancing is a great source of income while attaining work-life balance but it’s not for everyone. There are sectors which can’t effectively operate while working remotely such as factories, manufacturing industries, IT professionals, hospitality industry, Tourism, and others.

If you have decided to become a freelancer and are skilled in any of the below-mentioned functions, you are good to go. Here are the ten most popular freelancing jobs in the current business world:

1. Web or Mobile Developer
2. Photographer
3. Writer or Editor
4. Graphic Designer
5. Data Specialist
6. Digital Marketing Expert
7. Virtual Assistant
8. Social Media Strategist
9. PR Consultant
10. Legal Services Expert

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How Much do Freelancers Earn every month in India?

If you’re a beginner, you can start by earning somewhere around 20 to 30K INR per month. But again, it primarily depends on the scope of work and duration. There are different ways freelancers use to charge for freelancing projects and assignments. As you grow your profile, you can begin charging higher with the help of any of these methods:

Contract-based Payment

An employer pays a flat fee to the freelancer against the number of hours worked in a month. The contract having all the necessary details is signed between a freelancer and a company in advance.

Charge Per Hour

Generally, experienced freelancers charge on an hourly basis. This way, you can set a fixed hourly price for your freelancing skills and quote the final cost by calculating the number of hours it will take you to finish a specific project.

Total Project Cost

This one is the most common and popular payment method in freelancing jobs. If you find projects through online platforms like Noble House, Tapchief and more, you will see the quote for the entire project.

Are you ready to kickstart your freelancing journey and secure your future? As long as you trust yourself and your skills, there is nothing that can stop you from making big in this new career path. Let us know if you have more concerns related to this topic. We would love to hear from you.

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