5 Tips to Empower Your Employees During the Pandemic

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Posted 11-Aug -2020

Empowering your employees is the key to calm the coronavirus crisis successfully. The continual extension of remote work has made everyone realize the need to rearrange the priorities and set new ways of thinking for both employees and leaders. Not being able to physically connect with their teams and employees, managers are also finding it difficult to move swiftly and give their hundred per cent.

On the other hand, employees are facing various kind of challenges – lack of resources, time management, social isolation, and irregular communication with team-mates. The situation calls for a change in a way we work and introduce new approaches to achieve better outcomes. Employee empowerment can significantly enhance employee satisfaction, engagement and efficiency. Here are five tips to help your empower your employees effectively during the crisis and embrace the future of work:

Cultural Coalition
“A culture of accountability makes a good organization great and a great organization unstoppable.’ – Henry Evans

Culture alignment is critical to successfully sail over the COVID-19 pandemic. The coalition between individual aspirations and business goals can be the deciding factor in employee empowerment. Leaving micromanaging behind, introducing new ways to remain agile and focusing on results can make the shift to virtual work swifter and more functional.

Resetting Priorities & Goals
Every organization has its priorities and goals already planned during the start of the year. While nobody was aware of the upcoming pandemic that hit in mid-march, it brought a pause to the long-term plans and objectives.

However, the employees went on sticking to their regular tasks and targets while transitioning from full-time to work from home. Support your employees by resetting the priorities and designing short-term goals.

Recognize & Reward
Making employees feel included and appreciated for their efforts is the key to employee satisfaction and engagement. Managers should speak to their teams regularly and share feedback for the work they’ve been doing.

Also, introducing advanced performance metrics can be a big step in boosting employee empowerment.

Encourage Data Analytics & Technology
The majority of the business functions are now data-driven and the focus has shifted to making the utmost use of the latest tools and technologies. Especially while working remotely, it’s important to empower your people with the right set of resources and technical tools. Leveraging data and the digital world is one way to walk in the direction of “new normal”.

Trust & Transfer
“Without trust, we don’t truly collaborate; we merely coordinate or, at best, cooperate. It is trust that transforms a group of people into a team.” – Stephen Covey

Both employees and managers have to trust each other and encourage transparent communication within a team. It’s a two-way process of exhibiting trust and giving ownership.

If the business leaders and management focus on empowering their employees by taking care of these doable tips, the future of work is brighter than we could ever imagine.

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