5 New Workplace Norms Every Business Leader Must Follow

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Posted 3-Jul -2020

It’s no more a revelation that the work will never be the same even after the fear of catching an infection storm out. The spread of COVID-19, which led to the nationwide lockdown in many countries for an undefined period, has drastically transformed the way people used to work and lead life.

Resultant, the companies were forced to transition to remote working by offering the required tools and technologies to their people. According to Gartner Report, 54% of the businesses lacked the essential tools and resources to support smooth workflow and business continuity. Even though most of the employers and business leaders make sure to support their people by regularly checking on them and arranging video conferencing sessions, productivity still suffers considerably.

What you need now is to rethink the future of your workplace and organizational transformation, ensuring the safety and mental wellbeing of your people simultaneously.

Advanced Work From Home Policies
Most of the companies have an in-built work-from-home policy but is always a less preferred option by the human resource professionals and senior managers. Since now the employees are working from home for more than three months now while ensuring timely deliverables and increased productivity, it’s advisable to offer them more flexibility and work-life balance.

Making Employees’ Mental Health A Priority
The pandemic has given rise to various anxieties and uncertainties among people, especially working professionals. It becomes the responsibility of the employers to support the psychological and emotional state of their people by exploring options such as mindfulness sessions, one-on-one counselling, breathing techniques for stress management, reduced screen time, mandatory breaks, and many more.

Greater Focus on Inclusion & Diversity
With the successful establishment of the work-from-home model, the organizations are more likely to hire people from different backgrounds and locations. Now, men and women who are skilled and wish to continue working but couldn’t do so due to personal commitments would see a pool of opportunities to work from home or anywhere.

More Tech-Driven Operations
The COVID-19 lockdown has forced businesses to adopt modern technology and tools for uninterrupted communication and business continuity. Moreover, it’s been observed that video meetings and conferences are more effective and time-saving than in-person meetings and discussions.

Also, the future will see fewer business travels and more tech-driven operations and meetings to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both the employees and the clients.

Transparent & Timely Communication
The last four months have taught us the significance of transparent and timely communication for the wellbeing of humankind and planet as well.

Once employees are back in the office, it becomes essential for the management and senior leaders to share all the necessary information and details with them. This will help them feel involved and well-informed about the future of the business and their specific role.

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