Superna Chopra

“I lived a life on the fast track for many years. But then I listened to my heart as it nudged me towards the unknown. What followed was a wonderful phase of self-discovery, and doors opened leading me to my life purpose.”

I like to think of myself as the eternal seeker, the eternal student of life. I teach what I need to learn myself. I teach yoga and I teach people to love themselves just the way they are. I try to teach people that they are the master of their minds and thoughts and not their slaves! At the end of the day I teach what I need to learn most!

I lived a life on the fast track for many years like many of you out there. I had a successful career in advertising in a large multinational advertising company ( JWT) for 17 years. Position, power and perks…. I revelled in them. I had everything yet there was this aching and empty feeling that something was missing in my life! My relationships were a mess. I constantly worried. Felt always stressed out.

My work and personal life always seemed out of balance. I yearned for a more wholesome life. I was in this state of what I call ‘divine discontent’ for a few years before mustering the courage to give up a lucrative career with all its frills and fancies and venturing into the unknown. Really feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I listened to the persistent nudges of my heart and allowed them to guide me to an unknown place with the trust that I was being led to just the right place for me!

What followed was a wonderful phase of awakening and self-discovery. Suddenly many doors opened leading me to my life purpose, to my true calling. I had always had an interest in the space of wellness…physical and emotional. I stumbled onto yoga out of curiosity. From being an enthusiastic yoga practitioner I took the next big step and got certified as a Yoga teacher from the world renowned international Sivananda yoga Vedanta ashram in Kerala. At about the same time, I encountered the simple and powerful philosophy of the metaphysical teacher Louise Hay which teaches how our thoughts and our inner landscape creates our reality. Thanks to this philosophy, I personally experienced huge transformation in my own life. And so I felt compelled to share this with many more.

I got certified as a licensed Heal your Life workshop leader in UK in 2011 to teach this philosophy in India and help many more people to experience and benefit from this wonderful work. I have been actively teaching yoga in the NCR and overseas now for over 15 years. I wake up each morning with a heart filled with gratitude and joy at doing work and service that I love to do! It is a blessing indeed to be given this opportunity to share these spiritual practices with others and see their lives transform and blossom.

I ask myself every now and then “How else may I serve”? Who knows how else I will be able to impact other people s lives in the future? But for now I love what I do and I do it with a sense of joy and service. I think of myself as an instrument as a vehicle for this divine work.

All is well in my world!