“I worked in advertising agencies for 20 years, but had to quit because surgeries prevented me from giving my 100%. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I found my lost passion.”

I worked in advertising for 20 years across many metropolitans in India. Work was entertaining and no two days were ever the same. Working in different cities and adjusting to the local culture was a great experience. In advertising, there is a fine balance between work that is creatively satisfying for the agency, but also works well in the market for the clients. To overcome this challenge it is important to build a relationship with the client where they view us as integral partners in their business and not as vendors providing a creative service.

An agency demands 100% from you every day at work. Unfortunately for me, there came a time when I was ill and the following surgeries left me unable to give my 100%. So I quit my job to get my health back in order. But this was a blessing in disguise for me.

One day, my sister asked me to create something for her blank wall. She bought me a canvas, paints and brushes. It had been two decades since I had used a brush but I still found the experience of painting a delight and fulfilling. My love for fine art was still intact and there was no turning back for me.

Currently, I do commissioned work as a freelancer and I am also experimenting with merchandising my art. Now, I paint in tune with the season and it is a way for me to commune with nature and myself.